Hamelin Bay is well known for its stingrays. The number and size of them are amazing. It's not uncommon to see some that are between 1 and 2 metres across. They have a habit of swimming around snorkellers at fairly close range, and certain times of the day they congregate around the boat ramp and feed off the scraps left by fisherman.

The interesting fish and plant life in the bay make it a great snorkelling spot, whatever your swimming level. There are shallow points for those who like to stay close to shore, as well as some great rocks and even shipwrecks for those that want to go out much further. Whatever your preference, the water is usually very clear and calm.

The bay area holds a feast of heavenly ocean delights such as crayfish. abalone, whiting, skippy and herring. (All subject to size and catch limits) You can launch your boat and venture out further to catch some delicious dhufish, pink snapper, and groper to name a few. The cooler weather of March to May also brings salmon. Try your hand at catching one of these huge fish off the beach...they put up a good fight and will have even an amateur addicted to fishing.